New Product *** We have developed Sleep & Uplifting Roll ons

We have been developing skin Roll Ons that help you either relax and sleep or make you feel uplifted and ready to take on the day. 

I found that keeping up a productive lifestyle Ineeded to get a good sleep, I had been using a diffuser with essential oils to help me relax and feel calm. I wanted to take this concept but make it in to a small product that you can take anywhere with you, so I started testing it with roll on bottles and rolling the essential oils over the pulse points on my body. I was very happy with the results and decided it will be a great addition to The Skin Kitchens product range.

I then thought what about a roll on that helps you get through those tough mornings where you have had a couple of coffees but still need a little bit of a boost. So I started developing a roll on that uses essential oils that give your brain a kick. The end result was also very good and it made a great addition to the Sleep Roll on.